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November 2016

2016 NewsPosted by Roger Pollard Sun, November 27, 2016 16:25:17

Setting out for a performance is like a military manoeuvre! As not all of us have our own transport we need to sort out who is giving who a lift and who is transporting what piece of equipment. There is always the panic that if not everything is in writing we might forget something - or someone!

If we have two performances on consecutive days then we have the advantage of being able to leave things in cars over-night (don't worry the valuable bells are only left in a car if it is in a locked garage) as long as the same people are taking part in both performances.

With the busy Christmas season coming up with do have occasions like these but we also had one at the end of October. On the Friday night we took part in a concert with three other 'turns' to raise money for the Steeton Christmas lights (one of our ringers lives in the village) and on the Saturday we took part in the Regional Autumn Rally at Brighouse. The first event was a great success - we had enough ringers to perform on the three octaves and all our practising a couple of days before was well worth it.

The second event did not go so well - we only had five and a half ringers (our esteemed leader Jane now works on Saturday mornings so could not join us until lunchtime). We did however found three other lost souls who were happy to join us. However we could still only ring the two octaves and had of course never rung as a group before. Still it made for some inter group harmony and gave all of us the chance to perform that we would not otherwise have been able to do.

Our next performance was at a Carers Resource Group monthly meeting in Steeton where the chance to 'have a go' was greatly appreciated. Now it is on to our Christmas Season when, as well as All Saints Carol Service, we aim to perform at a nursing home, a U3A group, a WI meeting, a Ramblers' Christmas party and Crossflatts School Fair. Maybe we will see you at one of these - if not here is wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!