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February News

2017 NewsPosted by Solna Burnham Tue, February 07, 2017 15:26:15

Joint event January 28th 2017

Last year I organised a joint event for Hand and Tower Bell ringers in the region. The event was a success and I was asked to arrange another. I had thought it was going to be a one off!

This time we held the event in the hall adjacent Christ Church,Ossett which although it does to have ringable bells is conveniently situated close to a number of towers and the region's motorway network.

The advantage of doing an event for the second time is that you can learn from your mistakes and successes. The morning gave people the opportunity to learn new skills either tunes or changes (such as we normally ring on tower bells) on handbells. In the afternoon the tower bell ringers visted other towers and handbell ringers tried sight reading together under our own musical director Clair. This was her first experience of conducting a wider group.

However the whole idea of the event was to give everyone to get together, swap experiences and pick each others' brains for advice. It was pleasing to meet so many tower bell ringers who are preparing to set up handbell gropus often with young children.

The whole day was a great success and, although I did most of the organisation, it would not have worked without the assistance of the Biingley Hand and Tower Bell Ringers including those who helped with preparing food, serving and clearing up, advertising, transporting the model bell and generally setting up, particularly over the last couple of days. They will be relieved to know however that it will be a few years before we organise such an event again!

January News

2017 NewsPosted by Solna Burnham Fri, January 13, 2017 07:49:03

What do you get if you cross a bell with a skunk?

So read the topical joke in one of our crackers as we celebrated our post Christmas meal last night.

As Christmas is our busiest time for performances we just do not have time to get together and socialise and we have therefore traditionally had a post – Christmas meal. Last year it was delayed until June by the floods but at least this year we managed to meet up in January.

We went to the Fisherman’s at Dowley gap where one of our band, Ashleigh, works. This time she was on the customers’ side with us and not slaving away in the kitchen. We had a lovely meal, a good catch up and a sneaky picture quiz prepared by Pam. The hard work starts again next week with a practice on Monday 16th.

Christmas was busy and as well as local events we travelled as far as Clitheroe one December afternoon to perform to an audience of nearly 100 at the U3A Christmas meeting. We must have made a good impression because a relative of one of the audience has contacted us already with another potential booking.

We hope you all enjoyed our playing at the All Saints Carol Service – we felt it was one of our best performances.

If your New Year’s resolution is to try a new hobby what about joining us in the vestry for handbells on Mondays or Wednesdays even if it is just to see what goes on. There is no commitment to come back, but we hope you will!

Solna Burnham (07884233382)

Bingley Handbell Ringers

PS – the answer is“Jingle Smells” – reminds me of one of our favourite pieces

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