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March 2019

2019 NewsPosted by Solna Burnham Mon, February 25, 2019 08:50:38

All our new and recent recruits are progressing well and our increased numbers means we can ring all 3 octaves at each practice even if not all of us are there. In fact most weeks our musical director Clair is able to be just that rather than having to ring as well.

The new system of practising on Wednesdays each week seems to be going well and will continue for the foreseeable future although we have added a couple of new features:

Firstly Andy has printed us all personalised mugs with the Bingley Handbell Logo so there is no confusion and secondly Clair has prepared a number of exercises to play at the beginning of our sessions to assist our timing and technique before we start playing pieces.

We are beginning to receive booking enquiries for this year so if you are interested in booking us for a performance or Roger for a talk please don’t delay too long.